Theresa VerWey

Theresa VerWey, right, with a student speaker at our 2016 Annual Breakfast

Theresa VerWey, right, with a student speaker at our 2016 Annual Breakfast

Theresa has been a tireless volunteer for us for almost 20 years. She began as a tutor, and quickly moved into Board positions. Between her service as Board President, Vice President, and Secretary, she has performed every role we could possibly ask of her! She has mentored many new board members, and her wisdom, patience, and diplomacy have been a tremendous gift to everyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. 

Here are a few things she has to say about her time here:

What are some good memories you have or positive changes you’ve seen while volunteering here?

I have SO MANY wonderful memories about Literacy Source!  I started with LS as a tutor volunteer in 2000.  I studied with a refugee from Tibet who wanted to read the New York Times, work on understanding his benefits package at work, and to study for his citizenship exam.  I have thrilling memories of when he became a citizen and when I helped his wife study for the citizenship exam and attended her naturalization ceremony in 2018.

I have had the privilege of knowing and teaming with all three of LS's directors!  Special memories... each of these amazing women have shared so many astonishing gifts with this organization.  To name just a few, Anne Helmholz had the vision to respond to the need for literacy services in our community- she founded and led LS for 26 years!  Lynn Livesley brought her strengths as a provider of social services and as an educator and helped us grow and strengthen our programs.  And, now Eileen Aparis is leading us to the next chapter responding to the ever increasing demands for LS's high quality services.

There are not enough words to describe the fantastic LS staff... welcoming, responsive, resourceful, committed, highly skilled.

They are our organizational treasure.

The Literacy Source students... where do I begin?  Every time I have come through the LS Center doors, whether in Fremont or Lake City,  I am surrounded by students who are working to achieve their personal life goals.  They are THE reason all of us volunteer at LS!

My advice is to reach out, get to know the students, be a tutor, proctor an exam, and attend the summer picnic.

What would be your advice for new Board members stepping up to take your place?

I have been so grateful to the many talented individuals that I have served with on the LS Board.  We are a working board.  Members have so generously given of their time and talents!  Whenever a need has emerged, for example- writing the strategic plan, hiring a new ED, or identifying a new location for the center- I have been struck by the depth of skills in the room.  People step up.  LS Board members are a wonderfully collaborative, respectful, and hard working group. My time on the Board has been a gift in my life.  I am quite certain that new Board members will find this true as well.  Share your gifts and be responsive to whatever needs emerge.

What are you going to do next?

I will continue to volunteer with Literacy Source, OF COURSE!

Thank you Theresa for your many gifts and contributions to Literacy Source, and your continued support!