CP Jackson


This month we are pleased to feature CP (Cheryl Poptop) Jackson as our volunteer spotlight. CP has been volunteering with us for a year now, teaching the GED Math Lab. You may remember CP from the winter party last year where she and her mandolin quartet serenaded the party with holiday music! Our GED Advisor Jennie has this to say about CP, “CP has been a rock star in GED math, providing individualized attention in a group setting where everyone is working at their own pace (a very difficult teaching setting). She's one of the most committed volunteers I've worked with. The joy she brings and derives from her work is apparent in every conversation we have and in the classroom whenever I've stopped by. I love advising students into her class (and it's growing rapidly) because students actually come to enjoy math when it began as their most dreaded subject.”

Where are you originally from? 

I was born in Los Angeles. My journey to the Seattle area came from many other locations: from Los Angeles I lived in Alaska, Israel, Bellevue, California, and then back to the Seattle area. My husband and I moved back for jobs, and to be close to my mother who helped with my young son (who is now 27)!

Please share something of your life so far and what you would like to do in the future.  

I have worked for the Federal Government for 32 years! In another year I will retire to pursue my passions: teaching, music, writing, traveling, and so many other things.

Why did you choose to volunteer at LS?  

I’m at a point in my life where I want to help others. I believe everyone should have a second, or third, or fourth, or 100th chance to pursue their dreams.  I am absolutely a believer in education making a better life for anyone willing to pursue their dreams.  I want to make a difference and help people pursue their dreams. 

What do you like about volunteering at LS?  

I love working with students that love coming to LS. As I teach GED math, a lot of students come to class thinking they can’t succeed at math. When my students learn a new concept, understand it and apply it, their faces light up. This brings me more joy than any amount of money I could earn in a job. I love seeing their smiles as they conquer math.

Any stories or highlights from volunteering at LS? 

There are just too many to write about. I would need to write a book. However, my current students want lots of homework! How cool is that?

What might people not know about you? 

I love baseball! My team, the San Francisco Giants weren’t very good this year, but I still can’t get enough watching this game. The strategy is wonderful. My brother is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, who are the arch rivals of the Giants! We love teasing each other about it. By the way, the Dodgers are in the World Series right now.

Thank you CP, we appreciate your commitment to Literacy Source and all of your hard work.