Evening Office Managers

If you've visited the Lake City Learning Center at night, chances are you've met one or more of our amazing volunteer Evening Office Managers (EOMs) working at the front desk! EOMs are an indispensable part of Literacy Source - without them, we would not be able to keep the center open at night. They greet students and volunteers, answer the phone, complete important administrative and cleaning tasks, and help close the center at night.

Let's get to know a little bit about each volunteer:


Susan Arnett: Mondays since April 2017

What brought you to Literacy Source? I was looking for an opportunity to serve in my community that involved helping our immigrant and English-as-a-second-language residents. I’ve lived overseas and know firsthand what it’s like to try and get by in a country where you are still learning the language. Also, I work in communications and I believe that the ability to read/write/understand effectively any language is always beneficial and can open up many opportunities in our lives.

What's your favorite thing to do in Seattle? I grew up in this area and love the trees, the lakes, and even the rain. I enjoy walking my dog in any weather. I also love graphic design, art, reading and discovering new music.

What might people not know about you? My dog was adopted from Iran. Her name is Shabnam, which means “morning dew” in Farsi.


Meghann Seiler: Tuesdays since December 2016

What brought you to Literacy Source? I had been looking for a way to become more involved in supporting immigrant populations in Seattle and once I had learned about the many adult education programs offered by Literacy Source, I was excited to contribute in whatever small way I could to this great community. 

What's your favorite thing to do in Seattle? I love a day in Seattle that begins at the farmer's market shopping for fresh produce, and that ends with cooking a large meal for friends and family. This kind of day is great in any weather or season. 

What might people not know about you? My first and middle names were inspired by 1980s romance novel villains, my mom was a huge reader with a good sense of humor, I like to think I have inherited both traits from her! 


Joanna Bachmann: Wednesdays since September 2016

What brought you to Literacy Source? I found LS through some neighborhood connections. We just moved to Lake City last year, and I appreciate the group's mission to support the community! Learning together and appreciating everyone's unique story is so valuable!

What's your favorite thing to do in Seattle? Seattle has so much to do - I enjoy gardening because everything grows here. This is so different from my last city, Denver. Seeing everything green and growing is so refreshing... in my garden, in our neighborhoods, and in the mountains. 

What might people not know about you? People may not know I took vocal and improv comedy classes. I'm not an expert at either. But, the classes were such a fun way to have fun and laugh more. 


Andrea Ondrušek: Thursdays since December 2016

What brought you to Literacy Source? When I came to Seattle two and half years ago, I was not able to speak English and I made many mistakes. I was very happy when I found a non-profit organization, Goodwill, that offered ESOL classes for FREE. I studied there for 6 months. One year ago I moved to Lake City and found out that Literacy Source is just two blocks from my house. I got excited to be part of their dedicated work. I said to myself: "Goodwill helped me a lot two years ago and now I have an opportunity to 'pay' it back by volunteering in Literacy Source."   

What's your favorite thing to do in Seattle? I love spending my time on the coast with my husband and our dog Ivy. Since I was born in the Czech Republic, which is located in the middle of Europe, we do not have any sea or bay. We take advantage of Seattle location and spend lots of time on our inflatable boat catching crabs or just picking up oysters in the summer.  

What might people not know about you? I do not like keeping food (e.g. flour) in the original package. I always have to move it to one of my containers. In short, all of my kinds of flour (about 8), all nuts, rice, pasta, quinoa have to be in the glass containers, not in the plastic bag. Even the soap, shower gel, and shampoo have special bottles. I know that it probably sounds crazy but this is my "thing". :)  

EOMs - thank you for the wonderful work that you do, and showing up week after week with smiles on your faces. We couldn't do it without you!