Linda Mendez

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Linda joined Literacy Source in January 2013 as a tutor for our ABE 1-2 students. Sadly she will be leaving us at the end of the fall term.

Throughout her amazing service of 660 hours, Linda tutored three different students and co-taught the Adult Basic Education (ABE) beginning literacy class. When she interviewed here one of the reasons Linda gave for wanting to volunteer was that she thought her "experience might be useful." The experience Linda brought was 35 years in the Shoreline School District K-8 special education program! This was to prove invaluable to her work with the ABE class of students in helping them advance in learning phonics, word recognition, reading fluency, and computer skills. When our long standing ABE instructor Cheryl moved on, Linda rose to the challenge of leading the class, developing the curriculum and lesson plans and supporting the cohort of tutors working one-on-one with her learners after class.

Linda will be greatly missed by all her students. Her co-instructor Becky Rosenberg had this to say about Linda: "I have learned so much about teaching from Linda, who has brought to LS her vast experience and knowledge from a career in education. I could not have had a better mentor as I began my work with adult learners. She cares about our students' learning and building their confidence, experimenting, and exploring how to give them the best learning environment."

Linda (top left) with her students Karen and David

Linda (top left) with her students Karen and David

Literacy Source is one of the only schools in King County to offer adult classes to low level native English speakers in basic skills (reading and writing). Volunteers such as Linda with her skills and expertise are rare so we especially want to say thank you for her long and dedicated commitment even when we moved to Lake City - and she was exactly right, her experience has been invaluable!

Best of luck with your next ventures Linda, and from all of us here at Literacy Source, a warm and heartfelt THANK YOU!