Zheng Cui


This month, we are excited to feature Zheng as our student spotlight! Zheng is currently enrolled in our Ready to Work class, which prepares English language learners for employment. Zheng is originally from China, where she worked as an elementary school music teacher with children from 3rd to 6th grade.

Zheng is a loving mother whose number one priority is caring for her 12 year old son. One of her most important goals during her time at Literacy Source is to improve her English so that she can help and advocate for her son in school and support him in his education. She would also like to eventually find a job.

Currently, Zheng is working as one of our Democracy Voucher Program Ambassadors who are educating others about democracy in their home languages. Zheng likes the opportunity to help the community understand information from the city.

When asked to share one interesting fact about herself, Zheng said that she is a very good photographer. In fact, photography has been a hobby of hers since she was 7 years old, and she took photographs for her community and during events when she was living in China.

We appreciate Zheng's cheerful personality and eagerness to learn. Thanks, Zheng, for all of your hard work!