Azmera Gebre


Azmera, who also goes by the nickname Azi, first heard about Literacy Source in her native Ethiopia. Her brother, who had immigrated to the U.S. years earlier told her, "When you come to the U.S., you need to go to Literacy Source so you can learn English. That's the first thing you have to do.”

And that's what she did! Azmera moved to Seattle seven months ago and started taking classes right away. In Ethiopia she owned her own pharmacy in a rural area and did data collection for an NGO. In Seattle, her first job was as a Home Health Care worker, for three days a week. Based on the skills she learned through the Ready to Work class and with the help of Meskerem, our Employment Case Manager, she recently added housekeeping at the Hyatt Hotel to her busy schedule. The job is difficult, because everything about it is new, but with her newly learned work skills and her dedication, she will surely do well.

Azi likes everything about Seattle, and is impressed with the city. She likes the flowers and the neighborhood she lives in, and she is so pleased that people try to understand her English. Azi says that her reading and writing skills are OK, but that understanding spoken English is difficult for her. She is currently enrolled in ESOL 4/5 and Conversation Class to work on that.

We applaud you for your dedication and love having you at Literacy Source, Azi!