Merhawit Gidey


Merhawit left her home country of Eritrea 12 years ago for a chance at a better life for herself and her family. She lived in a refugee camp in Ethiopia for 4 years, where she gave birth to one of her four children. After 4 years in the refugee camp, Merhawit and her family were selected to move to South Dakota in the United States.

Although Merhawit was very grateful and excited for the opportunity to come to the U.S., life was very hard in South Dakota. She worked at a meat factory, where she would stand and work with her hands for long periods of time. Merhawit expressed that there was no type of government assistance in South Dakota for struggling families, and the only thing she thought about during that time was going to work so she could provide for her husband and four children.

After 6 years in South Dakota, Merhawit and her family decided to move to Seattle. Soon afterwards, Merhawit was referred by an old coworker from South Dakota, Literacy Source student Tsega Tela, to take classes at Literacy Source. While here, Merhawit was able to take citizenship classes and attain her citizenship. Merhahwit says that since moving to Seattle, she has taken classes at Literacy Source to improve her English, get a decent job, and still be there for her family without being stressed. 

Currently, Merhawit is enrolled in one class at Literacy Source, which she attends 4 days a week, and has a tutor she meets with twice a week that she admires very much. We congratulate Merhawit for all that she has achieved here at Literacy Source and wish her the best in her future goals!