Kevin McGuire

kevin - 1.jpg

ABE Instructional Lead Jennie Snow (left) with student Kevin McGuire enjoying cookies at our local cafe Kaffeeklatsch

Kevin is a GED student at Literacy Source who started studying here last spring. He was born and raised in Seattle and has settled in Lake City where he also works, running the winter shelter co-hosted by the Mennonite Church, which shares our courtyard.

He shared this about his job: "Working in a shelter and for a community organization has been a dream job for me. When I walked away from a trade job after 20 years, I had no idea what I would do. I'm grateful I've found an opportunity to do what I love. I've been volunteering in the community my whole adult life and now I get to do it for a living. Going back to school was the springboard for that opportunity."

Coming to Literacy Source, Kevin began studying math in the GED lab, which, he reports, will be the most challenging part of the GED. His immediate goal is to complete his GED, and then follow the paths that open from that, whatever they may be. He's interested in staying in school, and will always continue his community work as well.

As a Seattle-native he has an unshakeable love for the city, despite the March rain and seasonal depression. He says he loves the nature here most, and enjoys going on adventures whenever he can. Usually when he has time off, though, he loves to play golf, binge watch TV, or do whatever his daughter wants to do.

Kevin has done impressive work with the shelter and will continue to do amazing things. We're so glad he's also a student at Literacy Source!