Tsega Tela


Tsega has been with Literacy Source since the beginning of the year, and is currently taking 3 classes for Fall Term- a very full load! She also got citizenship earlier this year, which was a huge milestone for her.

Tsega is originally from Eritrea, but she has been in the US for about seven years now. Before living in Seattle, Tsega lived in Virginia and then South Dakota. In Virginia she worked in a turkey production facility and then in a pork production facility in South Dakota. The working conditions were really hard and the weather was very cold. Tsega knew someone in Seattle and heard that the weather was good and that there were better job opportunities, so she decided to move here with her four children.

When asked what she misses about Eritrea, she says she misses the culture and her family. She misses the way people in Eritrean culture celebrate holidays with food, new clothes, and time spent with their families.

Getting citizenship in June was a big relief for Tsega, who says, "Wow! I can rest." Before getting citizenship she was worried about passing and now feels really good that she achieved her goal. She has a sense of feeling free, that she can visit other countries and go home to see family. She expressed feeling a sense of heaviness before having her citizenship and now feeling much lighter.

In the future, Tsega hopes to get nice work with good pay. She would like to move out her current apartment and buy a home someday. For her children she hopes that they continue school and eventually go to college.

Congratulations on becoming a citizen and keep up the good work, Tsega!