Kimguech Chheang


This month we are featuring Kimguech, who has been studying at Literacy Source for over a year. Originally from Cambodia, Kim lived in Texas for 10 years before moving to Seattle. She says she likes most things about Seattle, except for the cold weather!

Kim studies in our Citizenship class, practices computer skills in our Learning Lab, meets with a tutor, and has a cleaning job at Literacy Source - on Mondays and Wednesdays she is here for 8 hours! Between classes, you can find her in the kitchen, practicing her typing skills on a laptop. When she first started in the computer class, she didn't know how to open the internet on her laptop. Now, after several months of hard work, Kim can independently open online tutorials, sign in to her Google account, and send emails. Kim also takes an ESOL class at South Seattle Community College and is looking for another part-time job. In her little amount of free time, Kim enjoys watching sports on TV - even though she has only been in Seattle for a year and a half, she roots for the Seahawks!

We love seeing Kim's radiant smile around the center and applaud her dedication and hard work!