Meiyan Xu


Meiyan Xu can be found at Literacy Source every day - she is taking four classes! Originally from Xiamen, China, Meiyan has lived in Seattle since May 2005. If you ask Meiyan what she likes to do, she'll say "study English!" This explains her excitement to attend citizenship, ESOL, conversation, and computer classes at Literacy Source. Meiyan spent her life in China raising her family and working as a dentist. She was very busy and had little time for herself. Now, she lives in Seattle with her husband and her whole family. Since she has retired, she has time to focus on studying English and achieving her goal of becoming a U.S. citizen.

She likes coming to Literacy Source because her teachers are so friendly. Meiyan has made many friends here. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word to give. When Meiyan isn't studying, she likes to play music, go to church, and cook delicious food.

We are so happy to have Meiyan at Literacy Source and are proud of how hard she works toward her goals!