Uangnapha "A" Srisatsanawong


Uangnapha Srisatsanawong likes to be called A. You can recognize her by her bubbly attitude and ready smile. Originally from Thailand, A came to LA in 1999 to work at her uncle's restaurant. She didn't like LA and moved first to Seattle, then to Florida, New York, Connecticut, and back to Seattle. She has been here 6 years, and cooks at 3 different Thai restaurants.

At Literacy Source, A has taken Ready to Work, ESOL 4/5, and Math. She's also met with tutors and has been making great progress in her English.

She learned English in Thailand, but because she never used it, A forgot how to speak it. She was sad because at work, there are so many languages spoken, but she could only talk to the people who spoke Thai. Now that her English is improving, when someone asks her for directions on the street she can give them. She can also hold a conversation on the bus. And she can speak to everyone at work and make friends with them. Her improved English has made her life happier and better.

For relaxation, A likes to exercise, especially dancing. She dances every Sunday and likes to walk and bike with her friends on other days. It keeps her healthy and strong.

Keep up the great work, A!