Rafael Hiciano


This month we are featuring Rafael, who has been a student here for a little over a year. He currently studies in Citizenship class with Ruby, ESOL 2 daytime class with Sarah, and tutors with Teresa.

Rafael is from the Dominican Republic and has lived in Washington for 7 years. Rafael appreciates the human resources at Literacy Source and thinks that the staff and volunteers are some of the most dedicated people in the city! He and his partner, Estela, recently moved to Edmonds but decided to commute because the supportive Literacy Source community is worth it. "There is no other place like this," he says with a smile. Rafael and Estela met at a senior community center and clearly enjoy each other's company. They say their relationship is "harmonious and full of love." Outside of class, Rafael enjoys spending time with family and exploring the beautiful outdoors - ask him about his camping trip to Lake Chelan!

Rafael with his partner Estela (left) and their tutor, Teresa

Rafael with his partner Estela (left) and their tutor, Teresa

We love Rafael's positive energy and appreciate having him as part of our community. Keep up the great work, Rafael!