Alfonso Alonso

Alfonso (Al) is originally from the Canary Islands but has lived and traveled all over the world due to his career as a merchant marine. He is currently attending Conversation and Citizenship classes and meets with a computer tutor once a week. Al is an excellent classmate. He helps his fellow Citizenship students understand difficult material and wows his small group in Conversation class with stories from his past. Even though Al has only been coming to Literacy Source for 6 months, he has already made many friends- including his best friend, volunteer Frank Voorhees. In his free time, Al enjoys playing Mahjong "to keep my mind sharp," and watching the Premier League "because it's the best Fútbol League in the World."

Al aspires to be a U.S Citizen "as soon as possible," and wants to start dedicating his time to help others do the same.

We are so happy to have Al at Literacy Source and applaud his commitment to helping others!