Cristiana Olmos


Cristiana has been a student with Literacy Source since fall term 2017. After taking a break from her studies to be with her daughters, who are all still living in the Dominican Republic, she has returned to Literacy Source to continue her education. Cristiana is taking three classes this fall quarter and attends class Monday through Thursday. When asked about her busy school schedule she says, "I enjoy being here [Literacy Source] so much it doesn't feel like work."

Cristiana is originally from the Dominican Republic. When asked what she thinks about living in Seattle, Cristiana lights up and says, "Everything about Seattle is so different compared to the Dominican Republic. I am fascinated by the seasons; we don't have that kind of variation in the Caribbean." However, she admits to missing her life back home, particularly her relatives. She claims that living in Seattle with her husband would not be so difficult if they only had their daughters and grandchildren here to keep them company.

Cristiana aspires to become a U.S. Citizen. She also acknowledges that although many of her peers hope to utilize their English skills in the workforce, Cristiana simply wants to be able to communicate and hold an entire conversation in English. She values the work that is being done at Literacy Source and hopes to also volunteer here to give back to the community. When she is not at school Cristiana can be found going on long walks with her husband or practicing her English skills with her sister-in-law. 

We applaud your dedication to your studies and are happy to have you as part of our community, Cristiana!