Sam Peña

Sam Peña is our Student Spotlight for the months of July and August. Sam came to the USA from El Salvador about 27 years ago - living in California for 12 years, then eventually ending up in Washington. His domestic partner, Maria, is also a student at Literacy Source! He has three adult children and a stepson. Sam is studying English so that he can improve his writing and listening skills. He used to be in the labor industry, but unfortunately sustained a back injury, so he would eventually like to work in an office environment. He's especially interested in working as a janitorial supervisor. 

Sam has been attending classes at LS since January, and has also been meeting with a tutor, Tyler, every week. Sam's friendly, outgoing nature makes him very well liked among his fellow students - while he was shy as a kid, he says that as he got older, he became more and more confident thanks to encouragement from some "very nice people." His joyous energy contributes so much to the positive atmosphere at Literacy Source. Keep up the great work, Sam!