Weyni Bayru

"I'm happy Literacy Source is my second home." - Weyni

Weyni Bayru is the student spotlight for this month. Weyni and her family fled the war in Eritrea and lived in Sudan before settling in Saudi Arabia for 25 years. Her husband worked for the U.S Embassy. When he retired, the family got the option to move to the U.S. or back to Eritrea. Weyni and her husband chose the U.S. to improve the lives of their children. Three of her kids have completed college and her last daughter is attending the University of Washington. She is a very proud mother. 

In her free time, Weyni is learning English at Literacy Source. Since she was married at a young age, Weyni never got the chance to go to school. She understood the value of education and instilled it in her children. "I learned the alphabet after becoming a grandma," she says. She has goals to improve her speaking and her reading and doesn't allow her age to limit how far she can go. Weyni is described by others as being very dedicated and a compassionate person. 

Congrats, Weyni! Keep up the  good work.