Fatoumata Sylla

"I am better because of my education. I can see my future." - Fatoumata 

The student spotlight for this month is Fatoumata Sylla, one of our student speakers at the Literacy Source Breakfast. Originally from Guinea, Fatoumata moved to Mali in search of safety with her two sons. They stayed in Mali for four months before coming to the United States. 

Fatoumata describes the transition as being scary. America was an unfamiliar place far away from home. Not knowing how to read and write made her life difficult. She never got a chance to attend school in Guinea, and she was constantly in need of an interpreter to get by. She didn't like being dependent on someone so she took matters into her own hands and enrolled at Literacy Source to improve her English. After a couple of months, she was able to write her name and address, and soon read sentences. Her goal is to keep improving her reading and writing, and hopefully get her citizenship. 

Congrats Fatoumata! We are proud of how far you've come.