Magda Harraz

Magda is the latest to be featured in our Student Spotlight. Her face might be a familiar one - she loves to spend time at Literacy Source! She's been coming to school here for a little over a year, and has clocked over 250 hours of instruction - and she's enjoyed every minute! "Literacy Source feels like home. I've been looking for a place like this for a long time, and I'm so happy I found it. I feel very comfortable here." Originally from Egypt, she's lived in the Seattle area since she was a teenager. Because she was busy raising 4 kids as a single parent, she never had the chance to go to school. She converses very well in English, and is now working hard to improve her reading and writing. Her goals are to become more independent and to get a good job in a hospital or as a home care provider. 

In her year at Literacy Source, she feels like she has already made huge improvements in her reading and writing, thanks to her teacher Lauren and two tutors, Lia and Nancy. When not at Literacy Source, she adores dancing and spending time outdoors (she loves the mountains and water equally!).

Keep up the amazing work, Magda!