Dehab Mana

Dehab is our Student Spotlight for the month of November. She came to Literacy Source in April, and has excellent attendance in her ESOL classes and tutoring. She has a very interesting story, and we recently enjoyed an opportunity to sit down with her and learn more about her life. 

LS: Where are you from originally?
DM: I am from East Africa, from Eritrea. My city is Asmara, the capital.

LS: Did you grow up there? What was it like? 
DM: Yes, I grew up there. It has the best weather, it is always sunny. I liked how we would always get together with our neighbors and family, everyone spent time together. And the church was very close to our house so we went there a lot. 
LS: When did you come to the US?
DM: In December of 1999.

LS: Why did you decide to move to the US? 
DM: At the time I was living in Yemen, working as a housekeeper but the income was not enough. I put my name in a lottery for a green card and won! Before that I had also lived in Sudan and Djibouti. But then I won the lottery and came to the US.
LS: Are you a US citizen? 
DM: Yes, I got my citizenship in 2006. I started voting with Obama and am voting in the election now.

LS: What are your goals for studying at LS?
DM: I want to learn to read and write so I can do community work in the future. I want to help people in the community.