Anima Kode

Anima is our Student Spotlight for the month of October! She came to Literacy Source in July, and has been attending classes regularly ever since. She took the time to answer a few questions for us.

LS: Where are you from?
AK: Calcutta, India. Calcutta is a very busy, big city. Now it is very established and there is money in the city.
LS: How long have you lived in Seattle?
AK: I came in 2005. I live here with my husband. He is from India, but from Bombay not Calcutta.
LS: What do you like about classes at LS?
AK: I like speaking English and writing. I like my classes. I take 3 classes here.
LS: Why do you want to learn English?
AK: Every people I want to speak English with, and I want to get more knowledge so I can talk with them. I also want to learn how to write.
LS: What do you do for fun?
AK: I like to read books and use the computer. I like to read news about India. I like to study English. I also like to watch TV shows about travel. My favorite is Rick Steves.