Angelica Davis

Angelica Davis, a longtime Literacy Source student, passed her final subject test this summer in order to receive her GED! She worked incredibly hard to get there, and demonstrated unwavering determination to achieve her goal.

Instead of the traditional spotlight piece, we asked Angie to share a few reflections with newsletter readers. Here's what she wrote:*

About two years ago I dropped out of high school and was looking to get my GED. As a result, I got online and after much research I found Literacy Source. I saw that they offered tutoring along with math classes and I found that very appealing, so I decided to give the school a try and I am so glad I did. The teachers here are mostly volunteers and I would describe them, or at least the ones I have had, as enthusiastic and easy to get along with. I also had a couple of tutors. My first tutor was my math tutor John, who was very excellent; he took the time to make math notes for me, and would make sure that I understood the overall concept of what was going on. He would even have me send him math problems that I needed help on when he was on vacation, and I really felt like he cared about my learning. I am just so very grateful for all the hard work and effort he put forth into working with me and for the pep talks he would give me before I would go take a test. I would definitely say that those talks gave me confidence when I was testing and I would like to take an opportunity to thank him for that. I would also like to take the chance to thank my language arts/social studies tutor Larry for all the work he put into reading my stories and just overall being a very cool and easygoing guy. Lastly, there's my teacher Beth. Though I have had many teachers and am grateful for all of them Beth was definitely a lot of fun in class and was just so incredibly ecstatic when I told her I had passed my GED.

On that note, I feel like the really cool thing about Literacy Source is that you really build relationships with your tutors and teachers which is nice and it creates an easygoing atmosphere for your learning experience. I am proud to say that with much hard work and effort I have finally achieved obtaining my GED last month and am extremely ecstatic about it! Literacy Source helped me in achieving that goal, so I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to get their GED or high school equivalency diploma to come here. The staff is very welcoming and it is overall a very friendly atmosphere and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it. 

*Edited slightly for content and length