Theresa Frazer


This term we are pleased to present Theresa Frazer. Theresa is a local artist who paints with the Magnuson Park Brig Studio Artists. Here’s what she has to say about her work and this exhibit:

I started painting around 1982, and have painted on and off since then. I’ve experimented with pastels and watercolors, and while I love these, I love oil painting best. I have been so fortunate to find painting compatriots with the Brig Studio Artists, an artists’ group that meets weekly to work together, and with their critique and encouragement, I have grown a great deal as a painter. I especially love painting cityscapes, and most enjoy when someone connects with one of my scenes with a pleasant memory. 


The painting scenes in the current show include boat houses from Lake Union, a cabin in Oregon, a river in Snohomish, and houses in Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia.  I plan on continuing my cityscapes, with hopefully an addition of more figural work. 


You can see more of Theresa’s work here.

All her art is for sale! Please come to Literacy Source to view her work - it will be up until the end of June.