The Literacy Source mission is to build a literate community by providing learner-centered instruction to adults in English literacy and basic life skills.

Vision Statement 

We envision a society that understands and supports the needs of adult learners and that recognizes and values lifelong learning. We see Literacy Source as a service provider that makes effective use of our resources to offer adults the tools and support they need to reach their goals. We are a model of what can be achieved by a non-profit, community based organization with:

  • students, staff, volunteers, and a board of directors that reflect the diversity of our community.
  • widely recognized, respected, replicated programs and organizational structure, and a stable financial base.
  • the flexibility and accessibility to serve, without delay, anyone who needs our services.
  • partnerships with public and private enterprises to help further our mission.
  • the ability to help our students break the cycle of illiteracy and enrich their lives.

Our Values

Support: We support and encourage our students, staff, and volunteers in the endeavors to improve themselves and the community.

Respect: We recognize and appreciate the dynamic diversity of our community, and maintain a welcoming atmosphere that is respectful to all.

Flexibility: We understand that people learn in many different ways and we develop curricula that match each student’s learning style with the best practices available.

Innovation: We commit ourselves to providing the most appropriate and effective services to our students. We encourage collaboration among and between staff, volunteers, and students to develop effective teaching methods for adult learners.

Integrity:  We are accountable and pledge to do everything within our ability to assure that the needs and expectations of students, staff, volunteers, donors, and neighbors are met or exceeded.

Excellence:  We strive for excellence in all areas of our agency. We continually review and evaluate research in adult learning, revise our curricula when appropriate, and share the best practices we develop with the adult literacy community. We believe that through this commitment to program excellence, students are able to achieve their goals and sustain their commitment to learning.

Celebration:  We celebrate the successes and triumphs of students, the dedication of our staff, volunteers, and donors, and the power of a literate community.

Where are we going?

We are committed to ensuring that all adults in our community have the basic literacy skills needed to reach their goals. In the next three years, Literacy Source will reach and teach more students and increase the community impact of adult basic education programs by: 

  1. increasing access and reducing barriers
  2. expanding learning outcomes and opportunities
  3. building organizational capacity to meet community needs

Read more of our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan.